Rupesh Borade

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Rupesh Borade was 6 years old when he lost his parents in the most traumatizing way. His parents committed suicide by burning themselves alive. Rupesh’s Aunt enrolled him at the Children’s Welfare Society, as it would be difficult financially for her as well to look after him and his brother. Rupesh spent 6 years till we started coaching at the children’s home.

The Dream to be a Cricketer

Rupesh played a little bit of rubber ball cricket but that was it. He had no sense of what is the offside, leg-side or LBW. He was 13 by now and had lived in the children’s home for 6 years.

Once we started coaching at the Chembur Children’s Home he took on the game very well and showed potential to become a good cricketer some day. He was regular with practice and hardworking. He started playing matches for the home outside and was slowly coming to terms with the world outside the orphanage.

England Trip

True2Sports tied up with Cricket Beyond Boundaries the organization helps take young talented cricketers to the UK. This was an amazing opportunity for kids like Rupesh who had hardly ever dreamt of traveling outside Mumbai. Leave alone the thought of travel by flight to another country.

Rupesh first traveled to the UK in the summer of 2014 and had a life changing trip. He not only played cricket at Durham school but also attend classes and school with all the other boys. Durham school was established over 600 year ago and is a private school.

This trip was a grand success thanks to Durham School and Cricket Beyond Boundaries the confidence and self-belief of Rupesh has ignited. He followed this with another trip the following year on a similar cricket plus education trip for 4 weeks at Durham school.

The Breakthrough Year

This year thanks to the cricket coach at Durham School Mike Fishwick. Rupesh has got an opportunity to play for a club as a overseas professional. He will be staying in the UK for 4 and half months and earning his first bucks. The whole process has take us 3 years but with the passion and drive of True2Sports, Durham School and CBB.

This is just the start of journey for an 18 year old but its something which will help him become hopefully a good human being of our great country.