Naeem Khan

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Naeem Khan was at the tender age of 6 when his mother walked him to the Vile Parle station signal. They both went to sleep that night at around 12 when the streets got a little more quiet or as quiet it can get.

The next morning was probably the toughest day the 6 year old would face in his life and it had already come. His mother had bailed on him and walked away. He did not know where she was and searched for her everyday. Till he gave up and went to a cop station who then dutifully put him into the children’s home.


A few years into the Children’s Home–a rebel as you would imagine, due to the events with his Mother. He joined the True2Sports cricket coaching like a few other young boys at the age of 9. A few months later, due to some misunderstanding Naeem was punished for something he hadn’t done which resulted in him running away from the Home.

A whole 45 days later, Naeem returned to the Children’s Home with the police. When questioned about his whereabouts, he replied that he had gotten on a train in anger and traveled to Kerala. After further probing we realized that he worked there for a month, after which he was treated badly. He went to the Kerala police and requested them to take him back to the Children’s Home.


Once he was back at the Home there was a little resentment from the House Master for Naeem to be given the pleasure of playing cricket. He had broken all rules and had also made it dangerous for himself. This is something the True2Sports team could completely understand, but all the coaches thought was if he can travel on his own to Kerala find a job, work get into trouble to to the cops and find a way back. He definitely can handle a situation of 20/5 or 10/2. They thought if his energies can be channelized in the right way he would become a terrific cricketer.

They were not completely wrong after pleading with the house masters who eventually gave into the demand of Naeem playing cricket. He is a 12 year old dynamite on the cricket field.

At the age of 10 he picked up 18 wickets in 4 matches in the under-14 selection matches for Mumbai. The next year he picked up 15 wickets in 3 matches. He is captain of the Chembur to Mankhurd team. He is captain of the under-14 school team has been part of the under-14 Mumbai Camp.