Success Stories

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True2Sports has come a long way since inception. It started as a passionate venture to introduce recreation for underprivileged children. Their enthusiasm made the founders ponder over a possibility to create world class cricketers who can go on to play for the state, IPL teams and even at the international circuit.

Early Days

Coaching took on a professional approach and the children then had to practice 6 days a week, sometimes even 7 days. The children’s rapid improvement led to coach Ajinkya Kamble commenting, “In today’s world there are very few kids who live without fear. These kids are fearless. They don’t have anyone to put boundaries on their dreams they are free and are fearless. They will make mistakes and learn. This is the best way to grow as an individual or a sportsman. Their dreams are self-made and once they take their dreams seriously, the sky’s the limit.”

Impact on a Child’s Life

The kids are normally forced to live a major part of their childhood government organization and stepping out is a rare luxury enjoyed during the annual picnics or during tournaments.

“I play cricket just because I get to go out once a week”, says one, “So I try and work very hard as I get a good meal during the matches, see the outside world and compete with other kids from different backgrounds”.


How YOU Can Help

The children’s home is only equipped to provide the bare minimum of necessities for all the residents. In order to play a sport such as cricket they require proper gear and equipment which they are unable to obtain from the home.

Kids can be helped with the following goods:

  • Shoes cricket shoes and training shoes
  • Cricket whites
  • Training clothes
  • Cricket gear (Gloves, pads, bats , helmets etc)
  • Socks
  • Kit bag

Every child deserves to grow into respectable member of the society with a clear conscience and an ability to earn a living.