About Us

Our aim to use cricket as a medium to help transform lives.

True2Sports Training & Education Foundation is a non-profit venture working towards giving orphan and under privilege children an opportunity to play sports. True2Sports Training & Education Foundation goal is to help in building confidence, honesty and team spirit by the medium of sports for the underprivileged and orphan kids.

Today True2Sports Training & Education Foundation has cricket coaching centers in government backed Child Welfare Centers. The coaches are first class and international cricketers. The goal is first to rehabilitate the child but also to create players who can go on and play for the country.

At True2Sports Training & Education Foundation we envision orphans and under privilege kids with world-class potential receive all the support, knowledge and encouragement necessary to empower them to achieve their dreams.

Our mission of Empowering India’s underprivileged and orphans is premised on the belief that sporting champions are created when the right talent gets the right support at the right time.


Programs We Offer

At Premise Coaching

Coaching Centers for Underpriveleged Kids